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Accreditation - Wedding Story and Night Photography: Randy Shaughnessy




Member Randy Shaughnessy from Ottawa, ON has been working hard at earning accreditations! In his first year of membership, Randy has earned 9 accreditations! Today we are featuring two of those successful portfolios - wedding story and night photography. A successful wedding story portfolio must tell the story of one wedding. This portfolio must contain images from each of the wedding locations (home, church, indoors, location and reception) and may include formal or candid images. A night photography portfolio illustrates an expertise in photographing subjects using extended exposures in low light. The photographer must demonstrate the ability to balance different sources of man-made and naturally occurring light sources as well. Congratulations Randy on a job well done! "I work with my wife Nisha who takes care of the business and marketing of Shaughnessy Photography. This team effort means I am able to focus on my strengths and refine my photography skills. I have obtained nine accreditations in less than a year of being a PPOC member. We have worked tirelessly, but are both very proud of this accomplishment. We cover a variety of photo services including weddings, portraits and corporate events. We welcome new challenges and never like to limit ourselves to particular services. I have always been involved in the arts. Since my teen years I have been a musician, playing guitar in bands. Now with photography, I have switched senses to focus on visual creativity instead of sound. They are both quite similar arts. It’s just that one is for the ear; the other is for the eye. I also have an IT background which means that I am very comfortable dealing with the technology side of photography. I feel the benefits of accreditation are: credibility as accreditation gives our clients comfort to know that they are hiring a professional photographer certified by a recognized national association. It provides professional and personal development: accreditations are not only instrumental in growing our business; they also help me to continually develop as a photographer. Obtaining an accreditation also gives you more confidence about your abilities and knowledge. The idea of submitting for accreditation can seem a bit intimidating initially. You are exposing your photos to be judged by top professionals and nobody wants to hear that they are not up to snuff. By crossing that psychological hurdle and obtaining an accreditation, you have an empowering sense of completion.

Every accreditation submission is like taking an exam. You can decide how quickly you want to progress. Because with each category you have to show a variety of images and techniques, the judges are making sure you have mastered a wide range of aspects to be completely competent in each field. This is turn, opens you up to different approaches to photography. I have found the benefits of membership to be accreditations, the professional development in advanced training and seminars offered by professional photographers, the sample contracts provided by the PPOC to members and the members that have been extremely helpful such as Claude Brazeau and Jean Chartrand. They both have a wealth of knowledge and a willingness to lend a hand. Nelson Simard also provided excellent advice on composition and point of focus in Nature and Scenic/Pictorial categories. I have since been accredited in both and will soon be displaying photos at my Feeding the Soul exhibit." 
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Capital Clips – Ottawa’s Randy Shaughnessy named Photographic Artist of the Year

NOVEMBER 20, 2012 10:00 AM


Ottawa-based photographer Randy Shaughnessy has received the award for the Ontario Photographic Artist of the Year at the 2012 Annual Awards Banquet of the Professional Photographers of Canada – Ontario (PPOC-ON). Randy also received an award for Best in Class in the Animal-Wild/Domestic Category. The noted photographer is an accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) in the categories: Wedding Story, Portraiture, Fine Art/Photo Decor, Architecture, Pictorial/Scenic, Nature, Wildlife, Night Photography and Animals. When asked about his craft, Shaughnessy told Ottawa Life: “I live to create something special every time I peek through the viewfinder. I am constantly refining my techniques to develop a fresh approach to set myself apart and create a defining style for Shaughnessy Photography.”

Ottawa’s Shaughnessy Photography is a husband-and-wife team who loves working with people and capturing the moment with an emphasis on personal service. They specialize in corporate events, portraits and weddings. Their passion is the secret to their success in creating timeless memories for their clients. You may also view Shaughnessy Photography’s Fine Art, available for purchase, in their private gallery.

​Written by: OLM Contributor on November 20, 2012.